"Let's Take A Stand"

love me please?

Haircut achieved!!

For those of you that wanted my KIK

All I can do is be me
Anonymous: Do you have a kik??

Yes I do. I think I’ve posted my kik on tumblr

Anonymous: do you like being rimmed?

Yea I enjoy it a lot

Anonymous: What would it take to get a pic of your cumshot?

Uhm it would take a lot haha
I don’t plan on putting that out there anytime soon

Anonymous: Do you want to get married, settle down, and have kids one day? :)

Yes I absolutely do!

Anonymous: your nipples are absolutely beautiful. do you enjoy getting them sucked?

Yea it’s nice I enjoy it

Anonymous: Do you ever get the urge to strip naked and run around like a lunatic?

Haha no not really. I do get the urge to be naked at home a lot


Honesty Hour, Ask me anything! Nothing will go unanswered
Anonymous: would you meet me in NY city this summer during my vacation even if you don't know me :P

Hmm I’m not sure about that lol
I’d like to know who you are before any visit takes place and I think that’s a general rule with anyone lol


Wow I passed the 4,000 follower mark…thanks guys I don’t know what to say!

Life is a beach
Anonymous: I love you

Love you too!! 😁