"Let's Take A Stand"
Anonymous: give me a kiss <3

Sounds good anon grey face

Anonymous: You are extremely beautiful and I hate that I think that you don't know that. I don't know if you do know you're handsome, but you're really REALLY cute, adorable and pretty. You've got beauty equivalent of 10 angels. You've probably already heard all these kinds of compliments and stuff, but every atom of you is wonderful. Your body is so graceful, and you seem like you have such a charming personality. Spending just even a fraction of a second with you may be worth a millennium. Best Wishes...

This is the sweetest thing ever. Who are you please? Thank you so much I’m very very grateful for this thank you

Anonymous: You probably don't know who I am. But one day I'm going to marry you. Imma marry the shit out of you! :P

Then tell me who you are? Lol
I’ve gotta know who I’m gonna marry

Anonymous: Can I see a more current shirtless photo of you?

The one with the pink shorts is the most current one. It was taken last week

Anonymous: Is there anyone special in your life?

At the moment no not really special

Anonymous: Welcome back!

Thanks I appreciate that


Love that feeling after a shower.

Haircut achieved!!

Talk to me please….I’m super fucking bored…like ridiculously bored out of my mind so please feel free to ask and say anything

Anonymous: I like how you away from tumblr occasionally. It shows you do have a life outside of here. Im not saying other don't but it is great you don't let this site consume you.

I used to let the site consume me. And don’t get me wrong sometimes when I’m not posting I’m still on. I love tumblr but I have to distance myself from time to time.

Anonymous: i'm the imaginary perfect guy, i'm what your dreams are made of. I will not reveal myself but will chat with you. k.

Hmmm this is interesting. Talk away then